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Sponsor Opportunities

By providing a financial contribution to our series, in return, this is a chance for a sponsor to receive product placement in the show, where their products are featured and promoted within the storyline. Alternatively, your logo could appear in the show as a form of advertising. This can increase the exposure and brand awareness for the business as the show's viewership grows and reaching a targeted audience to increase brand exposure.


Sponsoring an entire episode goes a step further, where the business's logo prominently appears at the start or end of an episode. This signifies that the business has fully funded that episode.

All sponsors receive:

  • First look at access to materials such as trailers and episodes as they are being edited.

  • Two (2) VIP tickets to the premiere event, hosted by Angelwood Pictures and Tulip & Stone Media, where the product can be available.

  • Priority access to screenings, premieres, or other special events related to the film.


Product Sponsor

  • Ad or commercial to be featured in all six episodes at some point during the show.

  • Heavily featured brand and product placement in all six episodes.

  • Featured product on website and social media with links.

  • One 15-30 second video from a cast member promoting a specific product while on set to use as you see fit.

*Amount is Negotiable


Product Sponsor

  • Ad or commercial to be featured in two (2) episodes.

  • Featured product placement in two (2) episodes. 

  • Social media shoutouts.

Not seeing an option for youself? Check out other ways to contribute!
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