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We are thrilled to present "He'll Be Home for Christmas," our heartwarming six episode mini-series that delves into the true meaning of the holiday season. This touching story follows a family as they come to terms with the loss of their beloved father, only to be unexpectedly reunited with him on Christmas Day.

Through this emotional journey, we explore the power of a father figure and the unbreakable bond of family. "He'll Be Home for Christmas" will film in May-June and be ready for a November 2024 release.


-He'll Be Home for Christmas' target audience is primarily women aged 25-54, who are strongly interested in Christmas movies from networks such as Hallmark and Lifetime. We also have audience viewers who are 55+ and interested in our content.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Individual Episode Sponsorship: 

  • $7,500 per episode 

  • Benefits: 

    • Company's name/logo featured as title sponsor at the beginning and end of the sponsored episode – indefinitely. 

    • Up to 30-second commercial for the company's brand during the sponsored episode - Indefinite marketing through the sponsored episode, whether it's screened at festivals or distributed on platforms 

    • There is an opportunity for product placement or narrative integration in the sponsored episode, as well as Inclusion in marketing materials (website, social media, etc.). 

    • Shoutout from a cast member on social media for the sponsored episode

Exclusive Series Sponsorship: 

  • $45,000 for all five episodes 

  • Benefits: 

  • All benefits of the title/episode sponsorship for each episode 

  • Exclusive sponsorship of the entire series 

  • Increased brand visibility and reach through all six episodes 

  • Option for a more extended commercial spot or added brand integration in each episode Target audience breakdown: 


Benefits of All Sponsor Types: 

  • Enduring marketing through indefinite attachment to sponsored episodes and potential for festival screenings or distribution on platforms 

  • Increased brand visibility and reach through multiple marketing channels (on-screen, social media, website, etc.) 

  • Opportunity for product placement and narrative integration for a more organic and subtle display of your brand 

  • Connection with a dedicated and passionate target audience 

  • By sponsoring our show, your brand will have the opportunity to reach a broad audience, targeting both women and older adults who are passionate about Christmas and family-centric stories. 

  • Additionally, by supporting our mission of providing students with educational opportunities, your brand can showcase its commitment to the community and giving back. 


Supporting Student Education/Training 

Opportunity to support and promote education and community development through the production's mission to create an educational opportunity for students on the production set, this includes: 

  • Training and experience for students in various crew positions (production assistants, second ACs, gaffers, grips, etc.) 

  • Connection with schools and communities in the filming location of New Bedford, Massachusetts 

About Angelwood Pictures

Angelwood Pictures is an ambitious and dedicated indie production company that has produced multiple acclaimed digital series and short films. Founded in 2009, the company prioritizes creating professional projects and providing valuable opportunities for individuals in the New England area to experience the filmmaking process. Their passion for storytelling and commitment to growth sets them apart in the industry.

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